13 Oct 2013


Last post I was in Amsterdam, after spending some time there I decided to take a little road trip and explore Antwerp. It made sense since it was only about two hours away.

25 Aug 2013

Autumn inspiration.

Autumn is by far my favourite season. I love everything about it but mostly the fall fashion. I've been looking at a lot of magazines, blogs and watching fashion shows and I've found a lot of inspiration.

I love the strong feminine, tailored looks. I adore the long skirts, the jackets and long coats, some of the colours are so pretty and soft. While others are bold and sophisticated. Don't you just love when you come across looks that really appeal to you personally, and you feel like you could just see yourself in it? I adore that.
Although I might not be able to afford the designers I've selected (yet), I handpicked some of my favourite inspirations for fall below. In the meanwhile, I shall get my Gok on and create these looks via high street brands.

4 Jul 2013


Follow me on tumblr, I blog a lot more frequently on there. Mostly it is a lot of my fashion and just general inspiration. Drop me your tumblr url's so I can check 'em out!


17 Jun 2013


Had a really fun day yesterday, a childhood friend came to visit from Sweden and I celebrated my little brother's 10th birthday. I finally wore this jacket, I adore the shoulder pads, the detail and colouring of the jacket! Thanks to my best friend, who got it for me from a Vintage store in East London. I'll definitely be wearing this more often, it's so perfect for the weather in London at the moment, it's not cold but you never know when to expect a cold breeze!
More pictures below

10 Jun 2013

Kiddie Shoes

I bought these from Topshop yesterday,  I can't wait to style them. For £30, I'm sure I'll be wearing these a lot this summer!
They remind me so much of when I was younger and my mama would style me in shoes similar to these with those cute frilly socks that are being sold everywhere these days. I'm sure I have a photo somewhere, I'll have to dig it up soon.

9 Jun 2013

Sunday Fun Day

Had to go to my little brother's school faire, it was so much fun! Instead of supervising, I found myself in the bouncy castles. :P Also I couldn't keep myself away from the food stalls, especially the sweets! I mean who doesn't love Candy floss, seriously?